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5 Trends to Get Killer Logo Design

The advent of the Internet has made it much more affordable and convenient for businesses to order a professional looking logo design. From pre-designed templates and DIY software through to custom logo design packages the options are numerous.

Around 2008, logo design contests started to become popular and their popularity has continued to rise through to the present day. Logo design contests have many advantages over the other, more traditional options. The sheer number of designers competing on some of the larger sites means that you get a vast array of concepts to choose from. The crowd-sourcing model means that you get to tap into a global market of designers rather than relying on just a few to work on your project.

Not every logo design contest works out well though and some contest holders fail in getting a suitable design. However, there are many things that you can do to increase your chances of having a successful contest.

In this article we have set out some logo design contest tips. These tips cover what you need to know when it comes to choosing a site to host your contest and actually running the contest. If you know how to run a logo design contest the right way then you are more likely to end up with your dream logo.

Read Instructions Carefully

There are now many websites operating in this niche nowadays and while they are mostly similar there are some that vary in terms of how contests are held. Before you order you should read up on how a site works and check out their FAQ (frequently asked questions) if they have one..

Established Sites = More Designers

Some of the older, more established sites have by now grown into thriving, active marketplaces. Some now boast pools of designers comprised of over 100,000 people. If you go with some of the ‘copycat’ players that have sprung up more recently then you may find that their sites are not so active. A lot of good designer are active on the top three or four sites but don’t bother with the numerous other smaller sites. The top logo contest sites usually let you know how many designers they have in their pool so look for this information on their home page.

Higher Prizes = More Entries

As a contest holder it is up to you to decide on how much money you want to put up as a prize. Many sites set a minimum prize amount that is usually around a couple of hundred dollars for a logo design. However, if you are able to put up a prize that is higher than the minimum then your contest will attract more attention. With a generous prize amount you will very likely receive entries from more designers and they will put more time into their design concepts.

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