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Applying A Garage Floor Paint

One of the most dangerous places in your home can be your garage if you happen to have oil spots on the floor and then water drips on top. Most garages have some oil spots because cars always seem to leak a little and then if you drive in from the rain or snow of course you will drip water off the car. This water on top of the oil can be slicker than ice and if you happen to step on the mixture your feet can easily go out form under you. This results in a slip and fall accident that can break bones or even cause a head injury if you hit your head.

concrete floor paint

The best way to protect yourself from an accident like this is to apply a good quality floor paint with a non-slip additive to the surface of the concrete floor. This accomplishes two things. It makes your floor look better (no more drab gray as the paints come in all kinds of colors) and offers very good traction if the floor is slippery.

Applying a good garage floor paint is not a hard project but there are some tips which will make it work out much better for you.

* You absolutely must have the floor clean. If you don’t spend the time on this part of the project which is necessary then you will not have results that last very long. Follow all the prep instructions on the can.
* You must make sure the temperature is not too cold when applying the paint. Check on the can for the minimum but anything below 60 deg could be a problem. Use a space heater if you need to.
* Work in small patches. Apply the paint to an area of about 6 square feet at a time and then spread on the non-slip additive. If you wait too long to spread it, the surface of the paint will glaze over and it will not stick properly.
* Keep the temperature constant until it fully cures.
* Do not walk on the floor for 24 hours.
* Do not park your car on the floor for three days and be careful about turning your wheels, or parking with very hot tires, for about a week.

If you follow these tips you can end up with a garage floor that looks great and also is very safe to walk even if you have oil and water drips. You definitely do not want to take the chance of slipping and hitting your head on the hard concrete or the door jamb of your car.

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