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Roofing in a Recession – A Look Back and Ahead

Growing up in the 80’s was filled with many great memories, especially in popular culture (Music, movies, sports). One sport in particular was fascinating to me, and that was boxing. The sport was filled with great fighters and my favorites were the middle weights, there was Marvin “Marvelous” Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran, John “the Beast” Mugabi and Sugar Ray Leonard. all of these fighters had their own distinct style and my favorite was Hagler. What does this have to do with roofing, you ask? I’m getting there.

If anyone remembers this era in boxing you will know that Sugar Ray Leonard was the most popular and flashy of the bunch. Leonard used a style most commonly referred to as in boxing circles as “stealing rounds” when he was in a tough match. When Leonard was in a close fight, like the fight with Hagler, he had a penchant for closing out the rounds in a dazzling flurry of punches and combinations…as if the rest of the round was just a walk through for the final minute. while spectacular, it had very little impact on the opponent, but a tremendous impact on the judges. Yes, Leonard won that fight along with many others in the same fashion, it may not have been as awe inspiring as a knock out punch but it added wins and more big money fights. Roofing SEO Company

2009, started out like a Leonard fight where we were getting smacked around with hard shots and were against the ropes only to put on a flurry in the last quarter and a half to steal victory in down economy. Our company had some really good projects in ’09 and saw growth in 3 straight quarters, the industry as a whole was up and down all year.

The recession, as most recessions do, have allowed us the opportunity to examine with a fine tooth comb, what is working and what is not working in terms of operating a roofing company in Seattle. First and foremost, if you are a smaller company like we are you live and die on advertising..word of mouth is the creme de la creme, however if you are a smaller operation such as ourselves you have to cast a wider net to attract potential customers. Let’s look at a few key advertising strategies commonly used in our industry and their impact on a company in such a tight economy as we saw in ’09.

Print: In the good ole days, oh about 8 years ago, this form of advertising was king. From Yellow Pages to Yellow Book, Dex, Superpages, Etc, Etc..Funny thing happened to them over past 10 years or so…the Internet. Unfortunately the print advertising conglomerates did not get the memo that they are no longer king of the jungle, that title has moved to Google, and thus they have not adjusted their pricing models much, if at all. The real problem with print advertising is the terms of the contracts, you have to commit to an annual amount regardless of what happens to the economy and in 2009 many companies went belly up due to overcommitment to print advertising and an economic collapse. I’m not an advertising exec so I do not know the answers to making print a more budget friendly form of advertising, but they need to figure out how to integrate the print side of things with their online models. all of the print guys have opened up online storefronts to buffer sagging print sales, unfortunately they are a bit behind the game in how to implement, manage and sell these services. If they do not adjust to the times and offer better services they may go the way of tube TV’s.


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