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Sales Training Ideas – How to Effectively Build Rapport on the Cold Call

Selling requires us to build personal and professional rapport. The better we become at this, the better relationships we’ll have and the more we’ll sell. But how can we find out more about our prospects and customers and build that rapport?

4 sales tips for building rapport

1) Check out the prospect’s office – if you are cold calling and find yourself in a prospect’s office, discreetly examine it for pictures, awards, and various visit other items that identify the prospect’s hobbies, interests, alma mater, and other similar facts that may help you build rapport during the cold call. Comment on these items and ask about them.

2) Ask rapport building questions – Here are some sample questions and statements you can use when building rapport on the cold call:

o “Are you from this area originally?”

o “How did you get here?” (If the prospect is from another area of the country.)

o “I see you went to the University of Massachusetts (looking at the diploma on the wall)-I went there too. When were you there?”

o “Did you play any sports or were you involved in any activities there?”

o “I noticed all the birdhouses outside. Is that something you’ve been interested in for a while?” (If you’re visiting the prospect at her home.)

o “Wow, that’s a neat sculpture.” (Or picture, or whatever it is. Just make the comment and let the prospect react to it.)

o “How did you two meet?” (To a couple you are meeting with.)

o “How did you get the golf trophy?”

o “I used to drive a Cadillac a few years ago. Is that a picture of yours?”

o “Is that a picture of your children?” (You then want to follow with, how old, do they play any sports, other extracurricular activities?)

o “What business are you in?” (If the prospect is an individual at home.)

o “What did you do for work?” (If the prospect is retired.)

o “How did you get into that business?”

o “What are your favorite activities outside of work?”

o “What are your personal goals at this point?”

o “How do you like the United States?” (If the prospect is from another country.)


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