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Why Gun Control Has Nothing To Do With the 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment clearly states that citizens of the United States have the right to “keep and bear arms” for “traditionally lawful purposes.” But while the objective of the Second Amendment is noble, this right, as evident in the many cases of murder in both the country’s urban and rural areas, can become abused especially by reckless individuals (and even the mentally unstable).

Just recently, two mass shooting incidents shocked the nation and drew in sympathy from many countries around the world. Whether these shooting incidents can be classified as hate crimes, or that they have other inexplicable reasons, the fact remains that a number of innocent people were brutally killed because of the irresponsible usage of firearms.

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Because of this, concerned and law abiding citizens and lawmakers are constantly debating on an antique topic on whether the public should be allowed to carry guns or not. People who don’t support the idea of gun regulations say that these measures are a blatant violation of every American’s constitutional rights. Proponents of this idea, on the other hand, argue that the basic idea of gun control laws is plain and simple, and that is responsible firearm ownership.

Illinois is one of the several states that started implementing gun control restrictions since the 70s. But because these laws are against the Second Amendment, the state has constantly run into legal challenges for these restrictions. And oftentimes, these laws have been overturned and abolished. For instance, sometime in 2010, the Supreme Court overturned the state’s handgun ban because it was deemed illegal and unconstitutional.

But while it’s true that the Second Amendment can just powerfully wipe off all gun control laws in the country, people opposing these laws are missing the point. These gun laws are not an attack on the Second Amendment. They are so much more, and here are what they are set to accomplish.

Gun laws are about regulating the use of firearms in all parts of the country for the sake of public safety. When we say “regulating,” it can have a variety of meanings. For instance, before a person is allowed to purchase a gun, part of a gun control legislation may require that person to undergo proper training. A person can lose control of himself and may resort to destructive means especially when overcome with an intense feeling of anger. So to make sure that irresponsible usage of firearms is prevented, proper training on the handling and usage of guns cannot be overly emphasized.

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